About Dogs

The most loyal and devoted animal to a person is a dog. During thousands of years a person and a dog lived together. A dog gives love, protection and care to a person being devoted and faithful.

The origins of a dog are unknown till now. Some scientist say, their ancestor was a wolf, others consider a jackal to be a parent of the modern dog, others say that the ancestor of dogs was a certain breed of a dog.

Domestication of dogs started when a human understood that he needs a companion during hunting. So the first domestic dogs appeared. They were the guarders of the house and companions during hunting at the same time. People used the hunting and protective instincts of dogs. Later dogs were divided into several groups in dependence of their service purposes.

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Hunting and guard dogs were the first to appear. Later the decorative breeds of dogs appeared. They were kept with no special service and were kept only to take care of them, so some people consider such breeds to be useful. Such classification of breeds is relative.

With the development of human activity, people began to use some breeds with another purposes.

Any way dogs were highly appreciated by people during all the history. Sometimes people even considered dogs to be gods; there were cults of dogs almost in every culture. A dog was the best present for the king or imperator, dogs were given as a payment for conquerors, a dog was considered to be the most expensive property. Before the development of trades, people exchanged dogs.

There are more than 400 breeds of dogs nowadays. They differ from each other by their colour, size, hair, shape of the body, their temper and behaviour and of course by their purposes. The height of a dog may be under meter. Dogs may have long rich hair as well as short hair. Some breeds of dogs don't have hair at all. The colour of the hair may differ from white to black including red, grey, brown.

People can choose different breeds of dogs but any of them will serve for ages and will become the best friends for a keeper. Sometimes when a person dies, a dog dies too suffering from the sorrow. A dog gets accustomed to his keeper and feels sad away from him/her.